Investigator-Initiated Research

Wright is committed to collaboration with the Scientific and Research community by offering a program which plays a vital role in expanding and improving patient care through the support of Investigator Initiated Research.

Wright’s Investigator Initiated Research Program serves as an option to ensure that the promising advancement of medical and scientific knowledge related to extremity products, relevant disease state and functional impairment remains up-to-date.

The program is open to all researchers globally who are interested in conducting their own research. Depending on the type of research, Wright may provide support in the form of medical devices, instruments or funding for preclinical and post-market clinical development activities. The request must be within Fair Market Value (FMV) for the consideration given and must be on-label if the funding or support requested involves the use of Wright products. If approved by Wright’s internal process, funding will be managed through a contractual agreement between Wright and the Research sponsor.

Types of Research Eligible for Support:

  • Clinical studies to include observational studies, such as epidemiology studies and certain outcomes research studies where the primary focus is the scientific understanding of disease process
  • In vitro, animal and mechanical testing

If you’re interested in submitting your ideas, please fill out the online form and submit to Wright

  • Completed Research Request Form
  • Updated CV
  • Protocol with as much information as possible (objective, population size, methods, and outcomes) a preliminary draft will be accepted for assessment purposes
  • Detailed budget


Proceed to Research Request Form
You may complete the form, upload your CV, provide protocol and budget information by clicking the button above. Or you may reach us directly by email at [email protected].

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